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Qigong: An ancient Chinese exercise that cultivates one's inner energy
to enhance vitality, harmony and balance.
Taught and explained by Sharon Chiu Kent, Licensed Acupuncturist
and Dr. Richard Kent, Ph.D.
Calm your
Renew your
Improve your
your immune
Slow down
the aging
Health is our most important asset. In today's increasingly fast paced and stressful world, how can we efficiently protect and
enhance this asset? The ancient wisdom of Qigong provides an answer. The mission of Unique Healing Solutions is to spread that
wisdom through Qigong videos, workshops and other Qi-enhancing products. To that end, this website was created and will be
frequently updated to provide information on Qi and Qigong, as well as any new natural health products we offer. You are welcome
to e-mail us with questions concerning the above. We believe the phenomenon of Qi, the basis for traditional Chinese medicine, is a
vital key to holistic health. Qigong is the best personal Feng Shui. When practiced regularly, the 18 Movement Qigong - one of the
easiest forms of Qigong to practice and derive benefits from - promotes greater health, encourages anti-aging and effects self-
healing. It can be incorporated into alternative and complementary medicine.
Tone your