18 Movement Qigong was created by combining elements of Tai Chi and
Qigong together into one simple unique exercise routine. Therefore it has the
advantages of both. The 18 movements are relaxing and yet invigorating. They
require only approximately 18 minutes to perform. Morever, when practiced to
the soothing and uplifting music, they are enjoyable.
The simplicity and naturalness of 18 Movement Qigong make it safe for people
of any age, and in any stage of fitness. It is ideal for sedentary or less mobile
people, for it even can be practiced in a chair. Various modern medical research
has already confirmed the therapeutic healing power of Tai Chi and Qigong.
Regular practice of 18 Movement Qigong will have the following benefits:
Develops a higher energy level.
Purifies and rejuvenates one's whole body.
Strengthens the immune system.
Alleviates various aches and pains.
Helps in maintaining a better body weight.
Slows down the aging process.
Loosens the joints, increases flexibility, balance and coordination.
Expands lung and heart capacity.
Massages internal organs and enhances digestion and assimilation of nutrients.
Improves blood circulation.
Soothes and calms the nervous system.
Promotes a more restful sleep.
Offers a way to better manage stress.
Increases confidence and tranquility to replace fear and anxiety.
Improves mental focus and memory.
Increases positive emotions.
Unlocks one's potential.
Benefits on the physical level:
Benefits on the mental level:
There are virtually thousands of different styles of Qigong due to its long history.
Some are difficult to practice and difficult to get benefits from.
Some are difficult to practice and easy to get benefits from.
Some are easy to practice and difficult to get benefits from.
Some are easy to practice and easy to get benefits from.
18 Movement Qigong belongs to the last category: easy to practice and easy
to receive benefits from.

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What is 18 Movement Qigong?